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28 lipca 2016

China is ready to invest in Ukraine

Nowadays, China is one of the leading countries in the investment sphere. The potential of this country is enormous. Analysts of China Global Investment Tracker company (CGIT) state that China is ready to invest in Ukraine 30 billion US dollars. According to their calculations, in the past 8 years, China has already invested about 8 billion US dollars in Ukraine, but as you can see, there is more to come.

This perspective can be another engine of development for e-money system E-Dinar because this electronic money greatly simplifies the process of investment.

So why and who of Chinese producers sees it profitable to invest in Ukraine?

The first thing worth to pay attention to is telecommunications. Chinese manufacturer Huawei in recent years has become one of the leading in the world. This company is actively expanding its market niche, and the demand for its products exists in more than 60%  countries all over the world. On the Ukrainian market, Huawei has won stable position and is popular among users.


The second option for Chinese investors is energy. In China, as you know, an important place is given to the energy sector among the global investment. A similar scheme is used in Ukraine. To date, "Naftogaz Ukraine" has signed the contract with the National Development Bank of China on the granting of $ 3.6 billion credit.


Also, Chinese investors are interested in Ukrainian alternative energy and, of course, nuclear sector. CNBM Company is the owner of several large solar power plants in the Odessa region, having invested in this area more than $ 1 billion. At the end of last year, Ukrainian concern "Yaderne Palyvo" (Nuclear fuel) and the Chinese company China Nuclear Energy Industry Corporation signed a memorandum of cooperation. It is important that the provision for further cooperation is also included thereto.


And third, in our opinion, the most promising area for investment is financial sector. It is likely that in the near future, China will steer the process of investing in Ukraine at the system level.


Recently the NBU said that a Chinese company is interested in acquiring the state Ukrainian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (UBRD). Today, the bank is in a developing stage. The Chinese believe that with this acquisition, they will be able to acquaint Ukrainians and to begin to develop here the innovations in the field of finance.


This perspective can be another engine of development for e-money system E-Dinar because the work is to electronic money is the present and future of investments. Thousands of people join online community E-Dinar every day.  And there is more to come. Many Chinese people have already decided that for them major investment is  E-DINAR, entrusting their funds to the community.