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Currenct exchange rate

Currency Rate Daily volume
EDRCoin (EDRC) 0.77 ($) 465443.00 $
BitCoin (BTC) 655.43 ($) 111970000.00 $
Litecoin (LTC) 3.98 ($) 1518500.00 $
Ethereum (ETH) 12.62 ($) 30432100.00 $
Growth 20% per month

Up to 0,65% increase per exchange day

E-DINAR is a new cryptocurrency that increases in its volume up to 0,65% each day. By buying this currency during the first two years after the launch, you earn at the same pace. New E-DINAR coins are created as a result of a process called "mining".

The final number of coins

22:22 Concept

E-DINAR is a P2P platform created to serve as a currency exchange point without intermediaries as well as any additional bank fees or charges. The next stage of our development will be the issuance of 22 billion coins due to the turnover increase and bonuses till 2022.

Affiliate program

Partnership Program

In the E-DINAR system the referral program is divided into seven levels and each level gives you an opportunity to earn extra income by attracting new members and building cryptocurrency community.

All transactions instantly

Instant Transactions

Digital cryptocurrency E-DINAR allows to make instant payments without any commission from almost anywhere in the world and requires only Internet connection. It is also possible to exchange cryptocurrency for any other currency on the internal platform of the system.

Exit on Exchange in 2017

IPO in 2017

We are glad to inform you, that on February 6, 2016, HOLDERS CRYPTOCURRENCY SERVICE CENTER COMPANY LTD confirmed its financial viability and was included to the State Register of G.B. № 9986651. The company's registered capital amounted to £ 10,000,000.00 and 5,000,000 shares were issued.

En Exchange P2P

Own P2P Exchange Platform

The internal P2P platform allows to exchange cryptocurrency E-DINAR to other any other currency directly between the parties without commissions and restrictions.


The world`s first cryptocurrency guaranteed volume growth up to 0,65% per exchange day


Profit distribution among all members of society.


During the first two years will be issued 22 000 000 coins E-Dinar.


The partner receives referral bonuses of up to 7 levels deep in order to popularize.